What so you guys think about my brushwork?

I want you guys to tell me what I’m doing good/bad in my map (textures, light, skybox shall not be mentioned)


Please no ‘‘FUK UR MAP SUX’’ If you wanna tell me that my brushwork sucks go in depth and tell me what I am doing wrong/right. I got inspired by france architecture (Spells?) I think it turned out pretty great. But still I have not yet made textures for it.

Fuk ur map sux




Damn you!

I like it. The thick windowframes give it a very cartoony style. :3:

Mehh, obviously, that wasn’t serious. It sure looks better than anything I could do, could use some variety, though. Like, you know, details and whatnot.

That’s funny actually because I was aiming a little after some cartoon style.


I do indeed understand sarcasm.


Like what?

I would’ve liked to see that door on the left building not so close to the side. Obviously it isn’t done so I won’t bash you for detail. I just think there should be more to it. :biggrin:

You are supposed to bash me for detail.

If you’re going for France-architecture, there needs to be a lot more brushwork and attention to detail.

Some nice pictures you could maybe use as a reference?

Thank you!

No problem!
I hope I helped. xD

this’d make a cool TF2 map, winding Paris streets filled with cartoony french cars and a mime pretending to be trapped in a box

No I don’t think about your brushwork. :downs:

Those window frames looks kinda funny :3:

Typo, hehehe.

For the entrance arch thing, you should give it a few supports, if you’re going to make it a fabric, and not solid. By supports I mean some fancy metal poles going between the ones keeping it elevated. I hope I explained it right.

Very suitable for tf2’s cartoony style. I like it.

Looks like a few blocks with dev textures that took less than an hour to make. Also looks like it belongs in the Pimpage thread, not its own thread.

Better then what i can make, be proud my friend, be proud

It kind of reminds me of Sam and Max.