What software would one use to record Rust gameplay?

I’m having difficulties with this. I usually use Dxtory but it doesn’t seem to pick up the process, are there any other methods of recording Rust?

Preferably ones where you can split the microphone from the in-game audio so you can remove static etc.

Fraps! It’s easy to use. Just use the newest version and take a cross into “Monitor Aero Desktop”
If it’s not help try without the “Monitor Aero Desktop”

I hope i could help!

Doesn’t really let me split the audio.

I use fraps and i dont use Desktop Areo

Use fraps, Bandicam (sucks) Camstudio (okay), Im sure there are others, I think Sony video editor has a built in one, I personally only use Dxtorry for streaming…

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Does anybody know a good xsplit stream secene set up if so, could you please screen shot it for me?>

You can split the audio with dxtory.

I cringe everytime i see someone recording gameplay with Bandicam. Bandicam is made to record your desktop, not gameplay.

Open Broadcaster Software works (albeit it’s a little hard to make it record losslessly)

Dxtroy Most youtubers use it!

There is a better trial then fraps!

Do you even read the OP? It doesn’t work in Rust.

AS you seen I said it sucks, all though it does have a decent fps on it…

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What I ment was like i see these great streamers with there overlays and what not… Also I tend to pixelate very heavy upon games like minecraft and even rust when i steam would this just be for me watching it, or would everyone have this problem, if so how would i imporve this

If you have a good GPU, then fraps. If you have a super fast Hard drive that writes at 120MB/s+ use DXTORY.

If you know how to make Dxtory work in Rust (Overlay won’t show, does not pick up the process I think)
Please do tell.