What song do you listen to when you map.

For me I like to hear music when I map helps me not to get bored, mostly I listen to this.

You’re joking right?

No, I am dead serious.


Anything from the Trigun OST’s really.


Also anything with a beat, usually techno, makes me map more productively.

When I’m in the mood:

and RJD2, LCD soundsystem, Digitalism, Boyz Noise, Cake… Put it this way, I have a mapping playlist.

I can’t be bothered listening to Dance Me to the End of Love. I prefer to ramp up the intensity when I start to map…

This is more my style…goes with my breed of mapping too.

I don’t listen to a specific song while mapping, but the same playlist as I always use, which includes Megadeth, Iron Maiden and some more.

When I do take part in the occasional mapping binge, I listen to some avenged sevenfold, lullaby - _ghost and some slipknot.


I’ve got a huge playlist

Good few songs to map to…


I downloaded this song, and made it to be re-played all the time, so it’s kinda my apartments background music. Really cool.

Main theme from Splinter Cell Double Agent.

I just click on something and let it play.
Have A Drink On Me keeps coming up which I love the song so ya.

I listen to my playlist of rock, punk and metal.

I mostly listen to thrash metal.

If I do not listen to metal, I listen to jazz/blues.

HL2 music I ripped out of the .gcf.

when i map i mostly listen to metallica enter sandman

mainly this stuff.



sorry the link didn’t work.