What sort of content should I try and work on?

Hey guys and girls, I’m thinking of getting into Garry’s Mod development but I can’t decide what kind of content I’d like to create. I’m an amateur 3D modeler and I want to get some experience in Garry’s Mod. I’m trying to decide between importing Fallout content or Morrowind content to Garry’s Mod. It may sound random but that’s what I’ve narrowed down my choices to. I know there’s already a lot of Fallout content for the game, but only some Morrowind content, so I lean more towards Morrowind. What does everyone think?

I had thought of creating Fallout or Morrowind themed servers, but I don’t have the funds or the technical knowhow to do such a thing. If I get some experience creating content for Garry’s Mod I may attempt to create a team of modders, though I’m not sure what the interest level in this sort of thing would be. They’d be MMO-style servers by the way, not roleplay servers that strictly enforce a policy of “don’t ever care about items”, though roleplay would certainly be encouraged. If anyone happens to be interested in helping me out with such a project, let me know. :slight_smile:

Anyways, I’m rambling, so I’ll just post the topic haha. :smiley: