What spacebuild mod is now most actual?

Greetings to forum. I was end with gmod for a year or two, so i have some questions?
Then my favorite mod was spacebuild, i think it was 3 with some LS and SBMP.

But now i can’t understand what spacebuild exist now. Is v.3 dead? Or maybe v2 released?
Or something new comming? Please, bring me up to date.

And happy new year everyone!

The newest version is 3 and the SVN links can be found here: http://archive.snakesvx.net/index.php/module_Wiki2/title_Help_Info_SVN

Thanks for that great link. Tell me please, SBMP compatible with spacebuild 3 now? With all this doors and lifts…

Yes. SBMP is compatible. At least if you get the SVN.