what spec should you have to run rust on full graphics at 30 fps

what pc spec should you have to run rust on full graphics at 30 fps

You wouldn’t need that much of a powerful computer to run rust smoothly on full graphics, and once they bring out a stand alone version full graphics would be alot easier to obtain. Spec wise, maybe 4gb ram, and a decent 100$ graphics card, aswell as an i5 processor.

I run it at 50+ all the time with:

6 core CPU (3.0ghz)
16gb RAM
6950 2GB GPU

I know that doesn’t help, that’s a lot of power. But I do run maxed out settings with at least 50fps.

16 gb ram is a bit overkill, do you do videoediting or rendering?

I would fucking hope so.
I’ve got 8Gbs of RAM on my desktop and it is still overkill! Even for rendering long videos!

a hamster and a wheel lmao.

lol I know right, don’t worry I have meet people who purely game with a 200$ graphics card and 32gb ram. Obviously some people just have no idea at all how computering works. Your better off getting 2x4gb ram and spending the money on a better graphics card.

M8, 1x8Gb stick of RAM.
I have another seven in case I decide to turn my desktop into my next server. (My 13 year old server is starting to die on me, and I can’t find a motherboard that will support the type of RAM I have for it.)

You do know its faster to duel channel 2x4gb then a 1x8gb ram? Your better off installing another 8gb ram in the same channel for shits and giggles.

I plan to once my new power supply gets in.
Man, I love doing things for the shiggles.
Like the Linux server I have running with liquid nitrogen cooling. (The pumps are noisy, but the 8 core i7 extremes have never run this cool at 8.0 Ghz.!)