What stops me and my friends to play

  1. Dupe bag.
  2. Sleeping bag glitch through foundation.
  3. House harassment. (1. That someone else can place ceiling in your house and prevent access to high floors. 2. You need to place 2-3 foundations around your house and put pillars everywhere and 2-3 higher than the floors in the house - waste of time instead of start getting fun)
  4. Servers lags too much. All this cheap hostings makes poor picture of the game…

Not so important:

  1. Loading lags of buildings - huge lags when lots of big houses built close to each other.
  2. Door permission.

This should be top priority before steam launch. There is already low population on servers because of this problems and without new players it will be worse.

i totally agree the lag is horrible! thats why i suggested http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1330580 this!

Its not horrible hosting, its you’re horrible net speed. I got a good speed and it works good here.

So when 5 players from different countries have lags at the same time it means that all their ISP seems bad at the same time? :eng101:

Maybe you should find a server that suits you’re country? I am long far from Australia but I dont seem to have ANY lags there.

the render lag has nothing to do with your conection.

So 60 ping it’s too high then?

Oh, yes I see. Ok I know whats the problem. Seems to be you’re PC.
Steps on fixing:
1.Unplug the PC.
2.Wait 10-15 minutes.
3.Open the window.
4.Say goodbye and throw it out.
5.Go buy new PC parts.
6.Enjoy lag-less Rust.

Might be the settings you’re using, try updating your drivers too.

I have 200 hours logged on rust but i havent played in 2-3 weeks due to the fact people been dupeing so when thats all taken care of i’ll play… Im not trying to farm for a week straight and build a dope house for somone who spent 5 min dupeing c4 to destroy it.

The lag comes from playing on populated servers, you probably don’t notice it while you dodge pvp on a private 10 man server.

duping can be fixed by the server owners. don’t like duping, play on a good server

How? ^ change the timeout? To what?

What I wish is for official servers to be back, and with less of the badly hosted servers.

I play on a official server ( EU ) NS Playrust.eu
You can find it under modded servers cause its a no sleeper server.

The previous duping could be, but the most recent couldn’t be as I understand it. It was the forced disconnect itself that was causing the dupe body to show up.

I agree with you, but the low population on the servers has to do with rust letting players rent servers, creating more servers which disperses the population. Not going to argue if that’s a good thing or bad, but that’s that.

Yes, please fix all of this before release. That would be wonderful :smiley:

this is promotion and helps the game ‘‘grow’’… atleast thats what they are going to say… putting faith in your game to ‘‘blow up’’ and have servers get ‘‘packed’’.

well garry you said we ‘‘need more players’’, and that was how long ago since u let people host? Then You stop dispersing key’s (not that I cared, but think about it)

sorry man your speculation was a bad one, I agree with the posts, hell all the top US servers are struggling to even pass 40 latley,

Since your title was asked as a question I will go ahead and answer it.

Nothing I guess?

This is just madness so much flaming, buthurt? Anyways like parrot said dont want duping, join a good server… ONe with at lease 30 people. Stop hiding from people pvp is what the game is about <3.