What text editor does Garry Newman use?

So, what text editor does Garry use? For Gmod/Lua files?

I think he uses Visual Studio with a Lau plugin but real programmers use vim.


No honestly don’t know, but if he makes a tutorial he should use notepad just to make a statement that it doesn’t matter what editor you use.

Nano or bust.

Is it the same for Gmod? Not for making games like RUST


Seriously though, use vim. It’s what real programmers use. You can tell I’m a real programmer because I use vim.

Are you joking about vim? It looks like one of the oldest editors. Anyway thanks for linking the video. What lightweight text editor would you recommend?(Apart from vim)


or if that’s too heavyweight ed

One of the oldest? Man, you have no idea what you’re missing.

This is what I saw: http://leetless.de/images/vim/phd.png

That kinda looks like sublime text

nah it looks more like a text editor to me

Used vim in the past, and it probably was the best editor back in 90s. But seriously, there is no reason why
someone would still need to use it, other than nostalgia.

Personally I like to use atom.io as it has insane amount of shortcuts and packages. And its free compared to sublime text.

Sublime text is free too, you just have to press the X button on a nag window every couple of days


I’ve used N++ for the longest time but am just now making the switch to Atom

You can make sublime looks pretty awesome with the correct packages
(most of them are thanks to Flex, ask him for the packages list)



That looks quite bad IMO; I could never focus with that font + color combo (especially the fact that the font isn’t monospace). Here’s mine

Awesome, but not practical. The transparent background is distracting.

The transparent background can be disabled I usually use it while playing gmod to see if my code worked or not


Looks pretty monospace to me.