What the deal with [Garrysmod.org] ?

What the deal with Garrysmod.org?
Whom owns it?
and is correct to assume that the servers used for garrysmod.org are under WAY to much pressure?
I rarely get access to the page, and my internet connection are a 30/30mb connection (fiber)
i should get not a single issue connecting, yet i cannot connect.

Anyone know what the deal are with Garrysmod.org and can enlighten my world a bit more?

For me it started saying CloudFlare (the server service) is having trouble. Has been for almost a week or so. SOMETHING is going on, dunno what >.>

Same here I have a 200/200mb/s connection (up/down) I can hardly download anything at 4-10kb/s and 95% the download stops half-way because it couldn’t connect to the server anymore.

It usually works for me, but the layout is kind of fallen apart. As if there was a missing style sheet or something like that.

DDOS Attacks from what I understand. Someone with a 250MB UP and 200MB DOWN connection is trowing it around like nothing. YAY!

Yea I wanted a copy of some old tools from it yesterday.

But google crawler rocks, as idiots don’t filter indexing on fastdl servers ;). Also lua files on fastdl is ammusing.

Well, been trying to get my hands on freespace06_v2-1 or something like that, anyone know where to get that map?

and why would people do DDOS attacks on a file sharing website?
they gain nothing from that… do they?

why is there so much interest in garrysmod.org, the only time it will be closed down is when workshop is put into action. So why would you think otherwise it is broken…?

Do people still use garrymod.org anyway!?


Like I said, googles a whore .

@ Alkalisk.

Why wouldn’t people use gmod.org anymore? Just because you don’t doesn’t mean others don’t. It’s still a nice play to share addons. Toybox is fine, but it’s not much of a platform for larger addons or server side shit.

No its not. Fulla junk.

If you know what sort of tools you want, it can be a gold mine with diamonds. And is GMod.org actually closing? I thought the Steamworks Workshop was a new ans better version of Toybox, not both Toybox and GMod.org.


From the update 11 thread. I guess it’ll still be open as I’d see no reason to keep the conventional way of installing addons open if the Woekshop uses another system.

I’m using garrysmod.org with the retail version of GMod. Hopefully most, if not all, of these addons can be fixed to work in gmod 13 through steam workshop.

The workshop doesn’t fix addons, developers do. The workshop is just another way to distribute them.

Will the workshop be anything similar to gmod.org? Anything I download from the Toybox doesn’t get saved (only maps), probably because I’m a noob at it >_<

I’m Guessing the worshop will replace garrysmod.org and toybox when garrys mod 13 comes out!!

I’m trying to get onto GMod.org now, but it comes up with this message:

Database Error! (please report this to garry @ garrynewman@gmail.com) Table ‘.\gmod_org\dl’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired


Is there anyway to download any of the latest versions without getting onto garysmod.org?

I’ve just installed garrys mod again and i don’t have any addons… Trying to build stuff without smart snap isn’t going well

No thats because workshop will not be able to support GB addons such as startgate and spacebuild as it still is in testing. They will all remain on SVN or by other methods depending on what those people decide.

It never was going to be a replacement for toybox seen as it was always designed for addons never for small little things as seen on toybox.