What the FOOP they were thinking?

I know the guys at Rust were not happy to be labeled as a zombie survivor and was aiming to a diferent thing… but seriously? Red-striped wildlife that drops backpacks with ammo?
I bet anyone that wanted the zombies out didn’t expected something like this…

What are your thoughts on this one?

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They are a placeholder. Read every word of the patch notes instead of just glancing… Reading Comprehension 0/10

I get that they are a placeholder, but why spend any time replacing them? Why not just wait until you’ve done it correctly? Waste of resources, even if it didn’t take a long time.

From everything I have read from dev servers, this change will only make the game worse in the interim.

If they added a “placeholder” because they didn’t had anything else to put in, why remove the zombies so fast on the first place? Why not wait? Now the enemies are all the same, just weirder… and dumber than the zomb zombs’ AI.

I think its great, get out of your parents basements and don’t be afraid of change. It’s their game, they can do what they want. :wink:

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since im at work ill have to wait to weigh in on the patch, but if im hearing this correctly they replaced a placeholder mob with another placeholder mob? that does seem a bit silly. Hopefully it wont make things too unpleasant

Great contribution to the thread. It’s not their game, it’s our game, it became OUR game when they decided to have it be crowd funded rather than release it when it was complete. As a result, we are allowed to have an opinion on it’s development.

Look, I thought about my reply before posting, perhaps try it next time?

“spend time replacing them” - it probably took them all of 15 minutes to put red on the skins… its not like they remodeled all the animals, its a simple recolour…
and lucash, the AI is actually smarter… if you actually read the notes you would realize that… They also explain why they removed the zombies… they explained that they know we hate the new placeholder… seriously wtf did you even read in the patchnotes…
edit :

Its your game eh? so your gaining the income, you hold the rights to it, you spend your time creating new features? no? than its not your fucking game… you own a copy, nothing more.

your right though, your allowed to have an opinion on the game, but thats all it is. they make all the final choices…

They are distancing themselves from the ol’ zombie survival dealio’ that has been so popular lately. I think this is a good idea, they really don’t need zombies to be a good game, there is too many games out there like this. 7 days to die is very similar as is day z, I’d say this is a good call.

Welcome to alpha. Where you test things.

Are they supposed to alpha test their patches before releasing them to the community to test?

The longer zombies remained in the game, the longer people would continue to get the wrong impression and draw false comparisons with DayZ and make suggestions trying to shape Rust into a zombie survival game.

Rust isn’t a zombie survival game (it was once a DayZ clone, but the devs decided they didn’t want to be that months ago) and the sooner the community forgets that zombies were in the alpha, the better.

There is so much room to grow if you aren’t labeled a “[Insert Game] Clone”. Rust is basically humanity restarting after an apocalypse with caveman’ish technology. It loses it’s flavor once people realize that it’s generic zombie knockoff game #23, those games have been played to death. Hell one of the top apps on the android market is a Chinese generic zombie call of duty fps that uses** stolen** 3d models and sports +1,000,000 downloads. That’s how easy it is to make a successful shitty game.

Let the developers branch off on their own. You’re not going to find something new and exciting if they just copy last years flavor of the year.

I read your post, and you obviously have not read the changelog or the numerous articles posted on the devs opinions on zombies. They removed them now to deal with all the complaining from all the people that don’t comprehend what an alpha is.

relax there poncho… do you work for them? did you create this? why are you so worried about this, the game isn’t near done.

I think getting butthurt over what red enemies you have to shot once is something that a 12 year old would care about.

just go have some warm milk, go back in your cave, and wait for the game to be done.


There is your answer. It’s all about removing zombies and technically it’s still THEIR game, you just placed your trust in them by paying for it. They can and should listen to community feedback but they don’t have to and ultimately their preference wins over. I believe there will be many upsets for people in future updates as well but unless it’s a major upset they move on with the game as THEY have planned with whatever ideas THEY have in their head.

zombies were actually somewhat entertaining to kill. bears and wolves? not so much

The AI is a bit broken… have you seen it before writing? The red animals follows you, you enter a shack and wait some seconds, them they cry and run away… ???
And yeah, they spend sometime on this, as they replace the AI of the zombs too and, maybe, changed the drop rate to seem less ridiculous…

But I simply LOVED the nodes animation! That change was win/win!

Actually it sounds like it is working… Patch notes say that if NPC’s don’t have a path to you, they run away… Last I saw NPC’s can’t enter shacks, so it’s technically working… Kinda lol

There is also a rock formation that was changed on middle mountain… a shack is flying, LOL

Nope, the rock was misplaced, its invisible walls is still there…

pretty much retarded post up there ^



oh wait, you guys want zombie survival? collect 65usd, buy Dayz and 7 Days Shitting To Die.

Becauuuusee “zombies survival” is a genre that has been done many times. They are trying to separate themselves from that genre. There is no “red painted radioactive dodge pack” genre, so they are using these as a better placeholder because they know the longer they stay with zombies, the more people will nerd rage when they change it.

E: and anazhd, i dont know where that gif is from, but sweet sassy molassy. i like it.