"What the fuck are these?!"



Great idea, execution is pretty decent aswell.

Web looks a bit weird, shading looks good except the middle top one is bugging me

I think the web looks alright :v:
I can see your point about the middle top Grub.

The 16 looks aliased as hell and it ruins the pic.

Pretty cool. Take not of the direction of light sources though because the double shadows on the bugs don’t make any sense.

The lighting is not consistent, the shadows all go to different sides, I think that’s why the shading looks weird.

I like the color and contrast tho, the posing and angle is very nice as well.

wtf his is as sharp as my pictures and you guys don’t say anything

I really like the shadows on the wall(Not really the grubs shadows, those are strange to me)

The posing is p nice too

Thanks Fire Kracker.

Cool shit bro.

Shadows on Grubs also look odd to me.

I just added the shadows randomly 'cuz the unedited one didnt have shadows :c

Theres not 8, theres 9

ahahaha fuck
i forgot the faggot on the floor. :C

eight grubs crawling over the wall not floor

also the web looks weird because the wall has that big groove in it and it looks as if the web just floats inside the groove