"What the Fuck Comrade?" Russian Soldiers Wondering Where These Bodies Came From.

This was suppose to be a serious pose, but after a chain of events with posing the soldier on the left this happened. Anyways, any criticism is welcome. I will be including a comparison shot to the original, this is pretty much the first time i have tried to incorporate all the things i have learned in photoshop from my earlier poses into one picture.

Comparison: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/135074

Nice work, i like it.
Only negative thing i see is the blood wich looks really wierd.

Nobody says ‘comrade’ nowdays. Recruits using it for contacting with officers. Just saying.

Good pose btw.

I know, i was just trying to give it a stereotypical Russian feel.

No one ever said “comrade” in the first place. It was enforsed by commies, but forcing people to talk to each other one way or another rarely does anything at all.

As for actual picture, I love how soldiers really look like “what the fuck?! - I dunno, they were dead already!”

“Did you shoot em’? No? Well I didn’t fucking shoot em’!”

“What the FUCK? What did you do to them?”
“I didn’t do shit! They was like this before I got here!”
“Yo, we gotta get the hell up out of here!”

“Catch the invisible fish, Comrade!”

“Sarge! What the fuck?”
“Don’t look at me, trooper. I don’t even have a gun.”
“Oh, shit, neither do I.”