"What the fuck is that thing!?" Travis Grady staring at a Monster in Silent Hill

Just an excuse to use the new Silent Hill Shattered Memories soundtrack :smiley:


Looks great, the fog could use a tiny bit of work though.

Awesome I like it

Come on people if you’re not going to comment at least rate :saddowns:

his face…It disturbs me

The shadows on the body makes it look like the not-arms are reaching for his… and the positioning of the legs… I know why Travis Grady is so appalled!


How cool is that.
Better than the original picture.

Great picture! You just inspired me to make new Silent Hill-comic :goleft: Anyway, where did you get that Travis Grady’s model? Reskin?

I made the skin for a silent hill pack i’m working on


Still WIP obviously

I like that character mode.
Rather creepy, but it would of been nice with some faceposing. (if it has any)