"What the fuck is this" Somebody finds an infected in a dark alley

C&C please


When only the eyes on the picture had loaded, I thought it was this guy:


Ok, lets see the pict- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Nice close up, but the shadows around the face are OVERDONE. I mean they are way too dark.

“Say cheese, you ugly son of a bitch.”

Model looks alittle odd, but the editing’s nice I guess. Artistic, if only because I suck at critiqing these things.

It’s my new background :smiley:
Kidding, nice close up.

Hmmmm, this isn’t as good as the Hunter in the Apocalpse, or whatever it was called. But it’s pretty creepy.

My last blind date. A scary madame that one. Yellow eyes, gray skin and rotten teeth. Yea that’s her.

No really. Nice job on the eyes. I assume it is the witch.

Woah speed posting :smug:
Yeah its the witch and yeah I overdid the shadows again.:sigh:
I never know when to stop.

too close-up

need more things happening

a survivor or soldier looking at her or something

Yeah youre right.
I rushed this. Ill never do it again because its just wasting time. Next picture will be like the hunter or better.


Picture is a bit too bland IMO.

Yeah its empty I agree.

Lol, a little bit of Dr Steinman there!