What the fuck is this?

The website doesn’t have any screenshots or a description of the game or a video and there’s no sticky explaining the objective. Is this like a DayZ mod but it’s own game? What am I looking at here?

For posterity, there is an FAQ listed in the sticky but it’s kind of buried. It links to a Wikia as well and it does appear to be a DayZ style post apocalyptic survival game.


Let’s do a countdown until you recieve a ban.

Look on youtube for the gameplay.
The game is a work in progress,
Still in EARLY ALPHA!!!

The forums has screenshots if you look hard enough.
The objective is to survive.
You want some random FPS shooter?
I suggest The CoD series.

You are looking at a unfinished game,
The keys are not sold so that people can play the game and think that the thing they bought is the full product.

They are most likely selling keys cause they want to test how the public reacts to the game.
That, and “We want keyz pls sell!” posts on the forums.

I never said anything about wanting a Modern FPS. Are you a crazy person?

Other people call me a crazy person.
But I think of myself like any other.
I don’t know what my mental state has to do with this topic, but i’m glad I helped :slight_smile: