what the fuck is up with gmod and fonts?

why the hell do so many different hosting companies not include fonts with their fastdl?! xenon, which I’m using now doesn’t let you sync your resource folder on your fastdl server… mpserv also does this, AND nitrous-networks… don’t even get me started on their dumbasses.

this pisses me off, why the hell do they all do this? is it from linux or what? it’s getting me pissed. I spent 50 damned dollars today on a bunch of scripts I can’t even use without having the fonts look ugly as all hell.

if there’s another way to have fastdl then to use your host, please let me know… I need that shit.

learn how to host stuff yourself?

just gunna disregard this post

rent a dedicated machine and set everything up yourself.

or DIE in pain

why would I rent a dedicated machine when they advertise fastdl out of the asshole? on that same note, why the FUCK would I purchase a game server hosting service if they can’t do something as simple as host their own fastdl service? which the CUSTOMER pays for?

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ohhh and let’s not forget the fact that a dedicated machine costs around $15 a month. STARTING OUT.

so why the hell would I pay that extra money for a feature that the company SAYS is included? on THAT note, why would I pay $15 for fastdl? lmao

you get what you pay for

bug their support then, not us.

Oh, so posting a thread on a forum is bugging you? Nah, bud. You just like finding a chance to be a dick. No one told you to post on this thread, nor to read it either. :slight_smile:

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I guess so, but shit.

yes, let’s get angry at strangers on an internet forum.

this thread is so cringeworthy. jesus christ

They probably don’t let you sync the resources folder because they don’t want to be liable for their customers distributing fonts they may not own. Fonts and typefaces are VERY expensive (~$400 for a full set of 1 font, bold, italics, regular etc) and font piracy is a big deal.

That’s not the issue now, stop fearmongering. Their whitelist settings are shit.

Find a Better Hoster. There are plenty, not cheap. But like one of the comments said " You get what you pay for ". If you are running some shitty DarkRP Server that has a budget of 12$ a month, then stick with it. Don’t go on a ramble on FacePunch about some Game Service. Now, if you’d like to be less hostile about things, we would help you, but hostility gets you no where ( probably why the guy was a dick to you in the comments above )…

I see, this is probably the reason. I mean I understand, but it’s still annoying.

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I know, I was just mad. But it’s still really damned annoying lol