What the fuck just happened to my rust???

I relogged and it said updating rust so i let it update. now no servers will show up and when i press f1 and type net.connect and type an ip it says incompatible versions. how do i downgrade or fix this??? (EDIT) i just found out all the servers are updating so never mind.

I’ll assume servers need to be updated as well.

No patch notes? Super lame |:

The server browser lag has gone, there’s one note at least.

This is an emergency patch… I’m sure you’d rather have a functioning game than patch notes, yes?

Does this include a wipe?
Just curious. Didn’t expect a patch to fix this.
Can’t test it atm. My mobile doesn’t support Rust (haha). ^^

I doubt it, I have no idea what the patch entails… I installed it on my server and will grab the Steam update when I get home… I sure hope this staunches the DDoS attacks… :confused:

i HOPE so - All buildings gone = No load lagg = winning

Thats not the point…
But if you want a wipe, then wipe (if you’re an admin). If not just search for a fresh wiped. Or one with low activity.