What the fuck?

http://www.garrysmod.org/ is requesting that I log in using my STEAM account.
It was bad enough that I had to create an account and do all this complicated bullshit to verify that I owned Garry’s Mod, now this? As much as I like Garry’s Mod, I don’t trust the developer -or- the owner of the website with my steam password, even if it’s linked up to STEAM, or whatever.
Might I ask, why the fuck is this happening, anyways?


I also advise any and everyone not to log into garrysmod.org with their steam account.
Or not. Do it, I don’t give a shit if it gets hijacked.

To prevent those who torrented garry’s mod from downloading stuff.

Im guessing its to simplify the process of verifying your gmod.org account.

Garry doesn’t give a shit about your accounts. He just doesn’t want people moaning and such all the time at him. It was to simply the process. He probably had to get some approval from Steam first, looking at the fact it went to a secure steam site.

You new to gmod?

The .org doesn’t know shit about your PW with the way they’re doing it. They’re using OpenID.

Here’s how it works.

You click the link on the .org to log in with your Steam account. When that happens you get forwarded to this:


As you can see, it’s Steam’s website. See? Steam’s theme and everything. Don’t believe me? Note this:


You enter your user credentials to Steam, and if they’re correct, Steam sends the .org a URL: steamcommunity.com/openid/id/<your Steam Community number>

This URL only goes to you. Your Steam username is in no way apparent in the data given to the .org. Neither is your password.

You’re fucking stupid. What the fuck would Garry want with everyone’s user credentials?

Indeed, you’ve got valid arguments.
I guess you didn’t research into this.
The best argument I found was the amount of player accounts he would get, if he were to steal them.

you could be smart and not pirate gmod and do it the normal way

Please look up what an OpenID is and how it works before you start your mal-informed bitching, thankyou.

How magical.

garry just wants to piss us off

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I cant verify my account, when I click it (why do i even have to verify I have done it like 20 times already) it says error 404 file or directory not found


I guess OP doesn’t want to download off of the .org then.

I didn’t pirate Gmod, get out.


This was helpful, thanks.

So let me get this straight. A commercial game developer, stealing user accounts. With everything known about him, his full name, his city. Heck, Facepunch studios is now registered as a company, and as such can be sued, and with a little digging you could get the address of the director (Garry).

If you’re too paranoid to trust http://steamcommunity.com and will disregard any information telling you then it is safe, then fine. Just don’t use garrysmod.org. One less person to provide bandwidth to.

Not to mention valve would terminate their agreement with Garry if that happened (he still gets purchases of Garry’s Mod you know).

See this page for more information on the Steam OpenID (which is what this uses): http://steamcommunity.com/dev

Please also see this thread: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=963246

And Garry’s Blog: http://www.garry.tv/?p=1808

Just for good measure, here’s Wikipedia’s article on OpenID: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenID

Who said you had to download from garrysmod.org. There is always fpsb, which has (horribly outdated) gmod 10 stuff.

Your post had one flaw. I’m ‘for’ the account link. My post was referring to the fact that he would have the data which he doesn’t, the amount of accounts he would get would make yours secure. He isn’t superman.

Just enter your things damn it and don’t post in on here.

Anti-Piracy measure
Easier to verify through steam that it was to do it the old way.
But ya know some people can afford to buy a monster gaming computer but can’t afford the $10 for Garry’s Mod…

Also I seriously doubt Garry wants to take someone steam account for his own gain. Not like its you bank account info or credit card info

He can’t take our accounts, he doesn’t have any access to our Steam passwords because Steam sends your steam url to garrysmod.org to say that you are legit and have Garry’s Mod, he doesn’t get any personal info about you.