"What, the Germans are removing brains now?" Americans finding dead guys


Contrazzzzt. It hurtzz ma eyezzzzzzzzz.


Pretty good

Really nice posing, angle, and the editing looks cool(All in-game?).

But I get the feeling that the American is pissing on the corpse.

Not bad, but the guy standing in the background looks like he’s taking a piss.

:ninja: :frowning:

“Each 'n every one of you owes me one, hunerd, Amurcan, SCALPS”

I thought of that scene while I was posing :3:

USMC in the ETO?

Yeah, that guy in the back is definitely pissing on a corpse.

I don’t care what you intended for him to be doing, OP. He is pissing and that is that.

I would like to point out that they are standing. :eng101:

Those guys shouldn’t have messed up with xenomorphs.

I just got done watching that movie =D

Being a historically inclined fellow, Marines in Europe bother me.
Pose looks good, though.

Idk if it’s just me but I really want these models

The pic looks a little bland need more stuff in the background blood on the wall ect.