"What the heck are them?!" - Two Hazmat guys are running away from strange creatures.



Holy shit!

Where did you get those models

fuckin’ awesome, Is the best work man !

Woah awesome

“Gunter please don’t leave me. You said we where best friends”.
“Yea about that Oswald. Sorry”.

Good work.

you remember chl0407? he rip(or ported) them.

Whats up with the normals and phong, it looks ridiculous

Maybe it’s alien goo.

It’s probably a side effect of them not being set up properly (Source is very picky), but it suits the picture.

Holy shit.

good work bud


Hot damn


Friggin awesome, I approve!

hot lube mmmm

Make that one guy running, another getting his intestines feasted upon.

what heck are them

they alien big

eat us they



caveman fire unga unga

eat alien me

live ow it eat my

ow ow ow wo

Yes, let’s make fun of his grammar. Grammar is very important, and no picture can be good without perfect grammar!

bad reading for all of you, bad readers.

post dates tsk tsk tsk