What the heck happened to garrysmod.com?

I just noticed to my surprise that in the news section of garrysmod.com, you can’t browse back to entries that are older than a few weeks. Not a long time ago you were able to browse back to even the first news entry on the website.

“Who gives a shit?” you might ask?

I give a shit, because when I could browse old news on the website, It allowed me to not only to watch and get interested in some good Gmod related videos that were made before I bought the game, but it also allowed me to know a lot more about the evolution of gmod and all the work people putted into creating awesome user-made content. Also, if I had to format my pc or clean my Gmod registry, instead of searching for hours on garrysmod.org for good user-made content, I would just browse the news backward and pick every addon or map on garrysmod.com that seemed interesting. That way I was sure that the stuff I downloaded was clean, recent and most of the time very fun. It’s crazy the amount of high quality addons I found while browsing older news.

I just hope garry could bring back www.garrysmod.com/news the way it was.

What are you talking about?

You might also notice that the top bar of the website will change now. A new plugin was installed today that changes it every time you load the page.

I’m talking about the news section of the official Gmod website. News entry are no longer archived if they are older than a few weeks.


I know there a new neat features like that and the fact that you can comment a news entry, but I still want to be able to see all the older news entry.

Ehm, it works fine.

Allright, nevermind.

You mean this page?