What the heck happened to my GMOD??!

All was working well, untill an update came along (surprise surprise :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now, my loading screen shows up like this for a few seconds on joining a game:

Then, the maps look like this:

Heres what i’ve done:

  • Deleted the garrysmod folder from \steamapps\username
  • Then I restarted and started up steam, letting it re-download the content
  • That didn’t work, so I uninstalled steam and re-installed

I’m completely stumped, because the problem is still ongoing :S

Intel core duo processor 2.0 GHz
2 GB ram
NVIDIA Geforce GO 7400

Steam profile:

Thanks alot for any help guys.

Video card dieing? Video card plug not well plugged in (can cause problems…)… Video drivers maybe?

Video card is in a laptop, so I think it would have little space to fall out from…I’m updating drivers now though and il see how it goes

Thanks for the help.

RAM going dead?

Maybe the GPU is overheating :ohdear:

Recently upgraded RAM (though it was working fine afterwards too until now)

Ok, It’s a Computer problem, The update has caused your Game you screw up your Nvidea card, other Words it’s gone Dead buy a new one, Yes I know it’s expensive but that will MOST-LIKELY fix the problem.

Checked with speedfan, not above normal temps :slight_smile:


You think my GPU is dead? :S I doubt a Gmod update could do such a thing…

I’m not sure how 1 single update can cause your video card to die. How old is your video card?

A few years (2/3) in a vaio laptop

Take it to a computer rapair expert or something?

im going with the RAM, Check and make sure its tight. I has a stick go bad on me in COD4. Shit was getting weird in game.

You’re video card is dieing. Sorry bud, you need a new computer. Try using a better computer like windows 7 or alienware.

Oh god what are you on about, do you even know what you are saying? Alienware is a terrible brand and Windows 7 isn’t a type of computer

are there any other graphical intensive apps and games you have problems with? if it’s only gmod just wait for a fix. if not, buy a new pc. preferrably a desktop because they’re easyer to repair.

Can I just ask how old is the computer your using it on?

Thanks for the help all. Only seems to happen with Gmod though, so very strange.
Computer is about 2-3 years old, and has been great till now :confused:
Any more ideas are much appreciated :slight_smile:

also noticed playing on rp_downtown map the colours are messed up. Like seriously. Its all multicoloured and epically crazy. Oh and the floor dissappears and new walls appear…its what I imagine LSD would be like for a computer…
( I have deleted and redownloaded the map, yes)
I will post a screeny when I get a chance, the laptop is not at my house atm

Try backup your addons, maps and whatever.
Delete all Garry’s Mod content using Steam.

go to your console
Write: mat_fullbright 0

As I said, this is what i’ve tried already.


Thanks will give it a go. Laptop is not with me atm but il try it out soon