what the heck is this?

look into her eyes :wink:


I have all the files in the right places but what the heck is this? I presumed that some textures are missing but I checked the materials folder and it all seems to be there, why isnt it showing? I even tried using the addon folder but then it just doesnt work. Im using gmod 10, suggestions?

You are correct about the missing texture. But if your sure they are in the right place it could be that the model is using a different texture than the ones supplied. Check to see if there are any that might have gotten renamed. Or maybe they forgot to include the texture in the first place.

Or maybe thats the actual eye texture O_O

Ive provided a screenshot in which Ive highlighted the existing files:
how do i know if theyre renamed? how do i set it to accept the supplied textured? in the folder where its files are exist files for eyes and pupils so I knew that it was supplied. problem is that its not showing… What could have caused this?


  1. why did you censor your steamacc?
  2. do wou own cs:s and ep2? those might have the required textures for the eyeballs.

Unfortunately the textures are defined by the model when it is compiled. It could be looking for a different directory or a different texture name though there really isn’t any good way to find out what that is. At least as far as I know. The uploader of the file could have misplaced the eye textures or any number of other things.

Your best bet for getting it working correctly would be to find another copy. I’m assuming that you downloaded from ‘garrysmod.org’. You might be able to find a different copy on FPSBananna or a similar site.

Good Luck!

I have HL2 and its not a pirated game, I paid in full using gmod 10. The answer to your first question is for personal reasons. does the account name have anything to do with it?

no the account name can’t have anything to do with it. I just wondered why you would do that! but since it is in that folder it is most unlikely to be a pirated release, unless you’re using some sort of cracked steam.