what the heck?

So its a while since our last update people are up in arms about it there have been great q&as
but i want to know what is the main point (in your game time) for you and what is the worst update suggestions?

mine is to have fun survive get a house good weapons then restarting

worst update suggestions
#carry weight
#(current one) such fast going durability
#leveling system (so many games have it)
#nuke (really?)

also guys add your’e favs remember to do that XD

thanks guys
~bambi out

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title" - postal))

Well we have to agree that the carry weight would be amazing, such as horses. Durability was one of the best updates so far, but yeah the rest is stupid .

Durability only makes it harder for loners to enjoy the game. Teams don’t even notice it…

I really think they should make it slightly easyer for loners, alot of people really enjoy the game playing alone. And it’s not doable on most servers.

( i play in a team btw)