What the hell are the InfusionGaming Fallout: NV server answers?

I just don’t get what it means by needing items. Also the whole real life or apocalypse thing, the super mutant question, it’s confusing! I thought I’d get it right the first time, I obviously would never be a minge or kill at random.

Going to ANY New Vegas roleplay server is generally a bad idea. If people would actually do it right, it wouldn’t be an issue. The gamemode itself isn’t bad, it’s the communities that can’t control how many “bad guys” are on the server. For example, a server may have one-hundred muggers but only twenty people who would actually do good things (like the NCR). If people would actually have a different mentality besides “lol letz mug ppl nao kthx”, then New Vegas roleplay would be pretty good in my opinion. Just my two cents on that.

As for your question, I haven’t been on InfaggotGaming for some time. So I can’t really help there, sorry.

I got on and realized everyone is as brain dead as roasted nut.

Some guy reported me to them for “stealing their gamemode idea.”, because i had a Fallout server but with pipboys and stealth boys and etc. Not coded by them.

How the heck can i steal the idea of Fallout from IG?
I just answered “Bethesda Softworks” to him on steam and blocked him.

What are the question(s) and maybe we can help solve them instead of having to go onto the server