What the hell do sleep command do ?

Name tells everything . So , what happens when I sleep ? I get ragdolled , dissapear or what ? . Can I be kicked for AFK? I just dont understand what do I need this command for.

Depends on the gamemode, obviously. Most probably ragdoll you.

/sleep can be useful if you have to roleplay sleeping, obviously. Which you might have to do.

I play dark rp usually . So /sleep makes you ragdoll?


…it’s for roleplaying.

Are you serious?

I guess you could do it if your AFK and use it.

It makes you sleep. :slight_smile:

I usually use it as an AFK mechanism in Dark RP :stuck_out_tongue:

Since most players on darkrp servers don’t dress up as foxes and roleplay seriously, it’s pretty redundant.

How is dressing up as a fox required to roleplay seriously? :downs:

furry people are hardcore roleplayers :v: :downs:

The one time I’d like to know some furries. No offense to them.