what the hell gmod keeps on crashing!!

for some odd reason lately every time i spawn any ragdoll, a few minutes later gmod all of a sudden crashes and it gives me an error does anyone know how to fix this?

What are your specs? Do you have any addons installed? How long has the problem been going on?
And what does the error say?

I might be able to help if you could give some more info.

ok this is getting really annoying! it keeps on saying memory cannot be read
here are my specs
OS: Windows XP
Processor: 2.80 GHz Processor
Memory: 3GB RAM
Graphics: nvidia geforce fx 5200
Hard Drive: 114 GB

Windows XP is very prone to this problem. The only known fix is upgrading to Windows 7.

so if i get windows 7 garrys mod would be working again?

Try running the game in Direct X 8.

Go to your steam library
Right Click Garry’s Mod, and select ‘Properties’.
In the general tab, select ‘Set Launch Options’
put the following into that box:

-dxlevel 80

Hit OK and start up your game. It may reset your graphical settings to the default, just in-case you changed them in any way. Tell me if it works.

its works but only for a couple minutes more then it crashes and says that memory cannot be read bullshit

wait! i tried it again but this time i lowered the graphics settings to medium and typed -dxlevel 80 and it haven’t crashed yet hopefully it will stay like this

dammit its still crashing