''What the hell happened here.'' A US soldier looking at a destroyed village.

Edit and pose by me, I need faceposeble germans! C&C please.

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Did you know theres a war going on?

Editing isnt bad, rain could be better.
The smoke is a little heavy.

Rain’s pretty bad, and the smoke is utter shite. Bloom fucks shit up.

Rain is still to flat and pasted on. Completely lacks depth. USE MORE THAN ONE LAYER, DIFFERENT SIZES OF RAIN DROPS AND SOME DEPTH-OF-FIELD.

Rain still has errors at the edges of the picture. ERASE THEM.

Contrast is still bad. Same problem with the fire as previously pictures’ muzzleflashes had; DON’T FUCK ABOUT WITH THE BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST ON THE BACKGROUND LAYER.

Smoke is far too white and opaque and has some pretty blatant hard edges.

Hands and fingers are clipping.

Splashes on the helmet are okay, but the positioning of them isn’t so good.

Stop requesting this if you are going to blatantly ignore all the criticism.

the rain is quite bad


btw dutch guy why do you never improve boi

Posing’s good, just work on your editing.



Seems like his ciggarette would’ve gone out.

Rain has still no Depth… and it looks kinda heavy for trying to smoke, his cigar would be completely wet in no time.

Also is the thing on his helmet water splashes? if so, try to add them to the whole contour of the soldier’s body.

I liked it. :saddowns:. Good work Dutch-Guy

Did you even read the critique? All you did was add more rain.

I seriously don’t get why you’re not improving upon the tiny things I mention, like erasing those god-damn motion blur errors at the edge of the picture. All you need to do is get a soft brush, 50% opacity and erase those fuckers. Oh wait. Don’t tell me. You can’t do that because you put the rain on the background layer? Please tell me I’m wrong.

i suggest you isolate the entire american dude and paste it right on top.
then, you put some rain (neither too little nor too much) on the layer below the american’s.
above it, you put a little rain, so on your character lesser rain is falling whereas his background will have more. you can then add splashes and other details.
hope this was helpful

Okay that might work, let this die please. I have a new pose this is old.

Fire and smoking cigarette in heavily raining… yeah, I’m asking too, wtf is going on there ?! First of all you need to start thinking what is real and then improve your pictures.