"What the hell happened here" Combine stumbles apon an unfortunate discovery


C&C :3:
Look at the shadow people, tell me what you think is going on

You should blur the edges of the shadow, so it doesn’t look all grainy.

If he got blasted and slid down the wall wouldn’t the splatter be higher up, or am I seeing this wrong?

Maybe he has already against the wall >_>

I see a vort head.


Its actually a Zombine attacking a Soldier :eng101:

Looks good, but for some reason I really don’t like them see through mask eyes.

At first i thought he was there cause he got high till i see the blood though.

Looks like a zombie giving a blowjob to a CP

The dead combine looks really wierd and I think the low res shadows kinda ruin it, but its not really your fault.

Oh, now I see…