What the hell happened to PERP2?

PERP 2 is going to be up soon on Mobius Game Servers.


They did. Everybody, their mothers and their dogs donated 20$ and by the end of PERP2 they got approx. 40K dollars. And no, its not a dumb move, you assmunch, he made the server, donation is optional, the money is his.

Donations are a cancer in Gmod, as that shows, people will donate any stupid amount they see to a server for crappy benefits, then pay another asston of cash for a Lua gamemode.

And people wonder why the RP community is dying off.

To be honest, I don’t despise people charging donations. I can understand why they exist, as a past server company host, I know how much a server costs. Just running it for a couple months with the right amount of hardware required to run Perp could easily cost thousands of dollars if not more.

Like all things, there is the negative side of leaving people out, but I don’t mind the extra benefits for donators, they did help the server so why not give back to those that paid into a server.

good riddance to PERP
kept all the tards bottled up in one place though, and now the shit spill is all over the server browser

£160 != $2000

1 month for a good dedi box: £160 / $242
2 ": £320 / $485

You get the idea.

What I liked was the TF2 TD gamemode on there, but that is just me. Also that was un-related