What the hell is happening here...

So today I got on Garry’s Mod and joined a server of TTT. Upon joining I noticed I had the default Half life 2 crosshair…WTF?? Does anyone know how to fix this??http://i541.photobucket.com/albums/g…3-12-06-10.png

That’s not the default crosshair.

So if you don’t want that, and you don’t want the one you’ve got, what exactly do you want?

I don’t want any crosshair except for the default Gmod one and I know this one I’m using isn’t that. It’s even there in the middle of the screen when I’m SPECTATING!

If you happen to know which file or folder dictates the corsshair maybe you could delete the files and then validate files on Steam so that they’ll automatically be replaced with defaults?

I wish I knew :confused:

It’s probably a server addon. Join a different server. If it’s gone, then yes, it was just the server.

Nope. It’s doing it on every server I play on. It even appears on single player!