What the hell is that moving shadow thing on the main menu ?

Load up rust but don’t hit play or anything, on the back wall of the structure there is a shadow of something moving… freaky as **** ! What is that ? It looks to me like a werewolf that’s the only thing I can make out of the shadow

Any ideas ?

I think it’s a Zombie.

Hell. I dono. I never noticed it till you posted.

It’s a bear standing up

It’s a horse dancing!

It kind of reminds me of a Vortigaunt. Maybe an Antlion.

It’s a bear standing up. You can find images and youtube videos of it when peoples menus have failed to load correctly.

It might be an implication of things to come, as if we weren’t meant to see the bear itself.

It’s me

its. chupacabra

It’s Lady Gaga.

It’s Hank Marvin.

It’s Garry :smiley:

It is me BBQ

It’s a man bear pig, i got an image of it


it is a duck

its the ever looming shadow of the hacker that’s waiting for you :slight_smile:

It’s la chupathingy.

He’s walking around when you are asleep, looking for a way to get in your house and steal alllll your goodies :>

I know there was a post on reddit’s /r/playrust where one guy claimed to have seen it and it was a werewolf.

Obviously it’s just a guy on reddit saying it, so believe it as much or little as you like.

It was a few days ago but if I can find the link, I’ll post it here.

ok i did what i can but im not sure if the answer will make it better…
at first i seperated the whole picture and reduced it on the part that is nessecary to resolve this … thing

ok after that i used a sharpner and a bitwise boxfilter to reduce the partikles on an good ammount

ok light reducing and gamma correktion

hell of a… now the second red layer reduced

and now i can clerly see what this shadow really iss


It’s a naked caveman hanging dong.