"What The Hell Is That Thing?"

Is this one better than my last ones? :woop:

C&C, pl0x.


Still really lacks focus - you gotta adjust the sliders in the SuperDoF menu.

If you click (Right click, I don’t know, I just go apeshit on the mouse but it works) on the model when your in the Super DoF menu, it automatically focuses on the model. It’s really helpful if you hate using the slider’s like I do :slight_smile:

Apparently, I’m helpful.

Damn. Someone rate me late, as I didn’t know this. At all.

Why have I been using the sliders like a fool? :saddowns:

This is fucking news to me.

Guys, really? Really now?


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Looks like a zombie to me.



You didn’t see that.

The mouse focus has often trouble detecting the right distance, while the focus can be perfectly accurate when in blur preview (important not to be rendered yet) you set blur to max and then adjust the distance. That way you clearly see the point of focus. Before rendering you of course decrease the blur greatly.

About the picture: the ugly over saturated bloom stands out disturbingly.