"What the hell is that?" Zoey and Ellis in the woods

Figured I should start posting screenies again.

Also crossbows are boss. I kinda wish there was one available as like a tier 1 sniper in L4D.

Also, yeah, I used unrendered Super DOF. I’ve tried rendering it before but it makes my game freeze or something. This is the closest I can do for now.

What the hell

Super DoF crashes GMod if you have multicore rendering switched on in the graphics settings.

Weak fingerposing on Ellis.

Yeah, you crashed because you forgot to turn off Muticore Rendering.

Ah, that explains it, thanks.

The sword on Zoey’s back doesn’t really fit at all but it is fine otherwise.


j/k man welcome back

Whoa Ryu-Gi is back?

the characters are a bit over dressed, don’t you think ryu-gi ?

Jokes aside, the pose is good enough but it’s quite uninteresting and oh wow that is one low quality crossbow.

If there was a better one I’d use it, but that’s the only good model of a modern crossbow that I can find.

Actually that give me an idea…

Zoey: Its Francis and Louis…getting along 0_o
Ellis, shield your eyes!

Ellis: O-okay…!