"What the hell is that?"

Listening to Creepy Pasta’s being read, like usual I made another GMod scene.
My Birthday is coming in less than 30 days, I will be getting a new PC with a dedicated Graphics Card, so I can use High Quality Shadows. :>


Edited with no Blur




C&C Please.
Also, I paid $5 for the Gold Member Upgrade like last week and I still don’t see any changes, who should I be asking for help? I really don’t know that many people here.

It reminded me film ‘The Objective’. But anyway you are improving a lot. Keep it up.

I can see you still don’t have gold :frowning:

What? Don’t you wanted reply to King7?


I personally like the blur, it gives the impression that the anomaly is absorbing everything around it.

Unfortunately a lot of the details that make the pic so creepy (the blood, the mutilated bodies, etc.) are somewhat obscured by the edit.

I was originally going to make it look like there was a breach, like infected got into the facility and such.

How did you do that?