What the hells the point of having oil be so rare in the arctic?

Are we supposed to have two bases now, one in the desert one in the arctic now? What’s the point of having a pump jack with no quarry? I used 100 charges, couldnt find any oil.

It wouldn’t be very interesting if you could find everything in a 100m radius. I think the devs are heading towards a “less guns, more player interaction” policy. You want something? Trade. Take risks. Or go out of your way and find what you want yourself.

Snow = metal, desert = oil. If you need oil you either make 2 bases or trade. Rust is a walking simulator, so walk over and steal some oil.

Because if everyone had the perfect amount of resources no matter where they settled, they’d never leave the 1 sq mile radius and would never have to trade or interact with anyone other than when raiding, and that is not cool.

Don’t give them guns, then they will use bows, don’t give them bows, then they will use rocks. Problem not in guns but in people :slight_smile:

That’s very deep and all but kinda irrelevant to Rust. The point is to provide power play. It’s not that you don’t give them guns, it’s that if you want guns you need to put in more effort.

I said “less guns”, not “no guns”. In a “survival” game, there should not be dozens of players with guns blazing, shooting every single person they run into 24/7. Guns and ammo should be rare and precious, not something you can get in two minutes. Sadly, people don’t understand that.

Oh fuck off with this trading bull shit. No one in their right mind is going to travel 3km with valuable resources to trade HQ for oil and then travel back.

Too bad for them then.

With vehicles traveling at 5x speed and armored it’ll probably be much more of a reality.

The real issue is that oil isn’t a necessity to efficiently power and run quarries, it’s just a luxury. Before oil pumps people were running those just off of animals, hemp and corpses.

To really drive home the trade concept several things need to happen:

  1. Metabolism needs a full implementation, people need to depend on food and water more to give farmers a chance to grow and survive, making the central temperate biome viable as a source of food, water and wood.
  2. Vehicles/Horses/Carts need to be implemented so that resources can be transported great distances.
  3. Oil should be the most powerful method of running electricity.
  4. Growing food in the Desert/Tundra biomes should be impossible.
  5. Animals in the Desert/Tundra biomes should be sparse.
  6. Animals in the Temperate biome should be plentiful.
  7. Guns need a manufacturing process.
  8. Bullets/Medical Supplies/Explosives need a manufacturing process.
  9. Research and bp progression needs to be more fluid and less farmy. (Already in the works)

Maybe so, but until then this only serves to hinder gameplay.

I have to agree. Cars in Rust are very much going to be a thing. Long distances won’t be a problem anymore.

just a little question, no-one seems to have thought of…

So you live in the snowy north and have no oil available to make fuel, how are you gonna power vehicles to travel south to trade said oil for your hqm…?

Personally I think all resources should be available everywhere just in varying amounts.

Hinder? It’s bringing it closer to their original plan.

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A) Kill some people for their oil
B) Use a god damn horse available everywhere in the Temperate.

You’re not thinking this out very well are you…

Kill who when I’m in the North?

I would have to travel South in the hope of finding someone who has oil, kill them and travel all the way back to power a vehicle, urmmmm yeah ok…

You mean those horses that can be shot and killed in 2 shots and are in your words, in temperate zones when I’m in the North… naaa this is full of holes.

You’re not a clever man are you? If you’re not willing to move around, why are you even playing?

I can see holes in the whole point he was making and rather than a counter argument and pointing out why I may be wrong or a solution, you insult my intelligence, who is really a bit dull here ? -

As for moving around, how and why I play the game has nothing to do with you…

It takes real intelligence to state ‘You’re not a clever man are you?’ doesn’t it with absolutely NO ARGUMENTS about the points I am making.

It takes real intelligence to refuse to engage someone in the only argument they are making in order to throw your butthurt back at them.

Trade or develop more robust gathering tactics. Consider a more nomadic playstyle.

Don’t immediatly complain and demand something gets changed just so you don’t have to change anything about the way you play. During an imbalanced alpha.

Refuse to engage, where?

Complain and demand something gets changed, Where?

I think you have a rather vivid imagination or have an inability to read and digest what I actually said, but please feel free to point out where I am refusing to engage or complaining and demand something gets changed… Please point it out.

That right there, that’s you shutting down debate on how to actually address the situation by changing your gameplay. That’s shutting down itisjuly’s counterargument.

You’ve got two legs in Rust, use 'em, have convoys and work out what routes are safer and what ones pass too close to established bases and high-traffic areas. Rust is a game of making your own solutions to the challenges presented.

The game is also not balanced yet, big surprise.

On the point of “complain and demand change”, I take that back, as I’d misremembered other peoples’ posts in this thread as belonging to you. My bad.