"What the- ITS AN AMBUSH!" - Soldier about to get stabbed(Comic Teaser)


Some of you might remember that comic I said I was making like 1 month ago… Well I’m about to finish the first 3-4 episodes so I come here to give you another teaser for the upcoming “The Shadowless” comic, which first episodes are named “Prologue - The Clash of the Nations”.

Great splashes in places, although on the left they’re all in the same direction and it looks very artificial. Characters are too dark for my liking.

Nice contrast on the pic, awesome posing.

The title is The Shadowless and it gives the feeling of stealth.

Hot Damn, Stanz. Nice.

Looking good, great edit.

Ambush? There is only one combine and there were empty hills that would of been perfect for putting hiding combine.

Damn Santz! Posing is good, and the contrast is nice. The splashes are good, but like Chesty said they look a little artificial in some spots.

Can’t wait for the comic now!

Mmmmm true, I didnt saw that at the moment I was editing, I forgot to redo the radial blur there, thanks for pointing that out mate.

Also, I know is kinda dark, but since its a swamp its kinda hard for the light to get there, but I’m gonna try to give the next pics a more greenish and bright light so people can have a clearer view of the pose.

Its a teaser mate, if I place a whole scene here it would ruin the some parts of the comic, thats why I just placed 2 soldiers.

Thanks for all the current posts guys :slight_smile: keep them coming!

Amazing posing, splashes are great but are weird in some places. What’s the map, if I could ask?

the water isnt very well done

GM_forest mate :slight_smile:

You mean the water or the splashes? If you mean the water, its part of the map… I wanted to remake the water to make it look sexier but it was too hard.

Keep the commenting mates :smiley:

Wow awesome!
The low-res shit on the right kinda ruins it tough :confused:

FUUUU- forgot to blur those :confused: and thanks :slight_smile:

Let my thread embrace your comments!(In other words, keep commenting guys :v:)