What the Rust Modern weapons should be replaced by.

So I think that the M4 the shotgun 9mm p250 Mp5 and such dont fit the game, this being said I dont think that these high end weapons should be removed. These guns are what people strive for and make combat a hell of a lot more interesting a plain out fun and I made compromises for both the sides that say THEY SHOULD BE REMOVED and THEY SHOULD STAY parties. heres a list of ideas of what the guns should be replaced by. These are ideas not saying ‘h this gun is what NEEDS to be in it’, im simply giving an idea of what im talking about :slight_smile: Please post your replies about what you think should be added in. any items you think should be replaced give links to google pics and such :slight_smile: If you dont agree at all and think that the M4’s fit perfectly please explain why.

M4, or how bout an old ak?

shotgun, the top gun in this pic looks pretty old and I think would fit the game nicely


9mm, the colt 1911 seems nice


p250, Heres a pic of an old Ruger, im not really sure on this but bear with me im just giving examples.

Mp5, forgot to put this in the initial thread, but heres a tommy gun, doesn’t exacly fit, maybe a greaser gun would look better but its not my decision on whats in the game these are just examples.

Also guys please try and show this to the devs, I made this in hopes that they get something out of it.

PS want to say sorry, im new to this and tried about 100 times to make these links pictures but they kept saying no to me lol, so I had to make them links.

*1911 is 45, not 9mm
*p250 is a modern firearm and that picture you linked is not a p250, It’s a Ruger MK series handgun.

and your point is? im giving ideas im not saying these need to being the game. I said that. also I asked for people to discuss this topic not tell me that I got my gun info wrong. also I realize its not a p250 thats my whole point that im changing what the modern guns should be. notice how in all of the links I wrote the current gun then the description of my thoughts on the new one… here ill edit it so it says ruger to make you happy.

He’s talking about which one he is replacing. The 9mm and p250 are already in the game. He wants to replace those.

give us some old ww2 weapons.

Like the m1911, ruger? With the AK i thought because it has been around for near 70 years now and world war 2 only had 1 assault rifle which was borderline sub machine gun, I decided to add the ak as an example. I do like the world war 2 guns and think this gun should have some that look similar. just realized I for got to put the mp5 in, I think that will be a tommy gun :smiley:

I’m not really sure how a rusty AK doesn’t count as modern.

I can’t find my old post, but replacing guns with zip guns would still be the best fit for rust imo:

eg. MP5 -> This


Other suggestions, too:

Looks like some sort of .22 single shot

12 gauge revolver

Some kind of homemade shotgun

.22 smg, homemade again, the piece I found about it says that this was used for the ‘magazine’.

I don’t think rust needs any real/branded/manufactured weapons. Homemade ones, like the pipe shotgun, are a lot more fun mechanically in the game.

Love the pics, but the initial AK design is nearly 70 years old now so I thought it was alright to put it in here. All those guns just look great. if implemented into rust I would say use cloth like the revolver needs to be crafted and just have it draped over the rough edges for a nicer look.

found this when i googled home made guns… sweet

almost no doubt this was in inspiration behind the hand cannon :stuck_out_tongue:

Modern weapons should be replaced by flintlock pistols, arquebuses, crossbows and medieval melee weapons (swords, maces, axes etc.).

there should be primitive weapons, i dont like the idea of been in medieval times with swords, personally i think it would be better if there were guns slightly more modern than from ww2, like maybe guns used in the 70’s?

Give me a M1 Garand

I think in the long run anything should be craftable once there is a more complex system in place for crafting modern, military grade weapons.

All points of “This is Rust, should be olden time based” points are invalid the second you see an “Airdrop”.

This game wasn’t built around a 1800s theme at all, why do people keep suggesting that it should be moved to fit that theme? because you’ve never had a large weaponry? I think the game is fine as it is, just needs a more variety of weapons, I can fill a large crate full each of every weapon in less than a week, given the right place to hide my base or making a large base near impossible to raid.

The game needs more weaponry that LEADS up to an M4, right now there is just a massive gap between a home made revolver and a factory made p250, there is no lead up and that’s what makes everyone against the modern guns.

Modern guns are fine but should be only found through airdrops and CAN be researched, that’s just a bit of a suggestion, feel free to hate on this post but I’m sure 90% of people will agree with me.

That’s basically what I think about it.

Im hoping they reskin the guns but keep the stats somewhat the same. The gunplay feels very balanced at the moment, how the different guns work against each other. I like how with skill and luck a p250 can hold it’s own against an m4

Couldn’t agree more.We need some weapons “in-between” Pipe Shotguns and M4’s.More variety,not 1800’s weaponry only,and I think the new team member(if this wasn’t April the 1st joke) has something to do with this

Weapons should follow theme of the game which right now is hard to say what it is. If it’s uga-buga stone age then it’s true that all modern weapons should be replaced by spear/arrow types of weapons.

However presence of so called “rad towns” proves that it’s a modern world.
Further more, presence of radiation is a sign that something bad happened (maybe atomic war?).

If above two is true and it’s what theme/mood of the game developers r heading towards then I guess goin heavily into “medival” class weapons (bows/crossbows/swords/spears etc.) would be in conflict with the theme. We all understand that atomic war would end the world as we know it today but we also know that mankind would live on - so technological idea, the knowledge etc. would live on too.

Weapons then should vary from basic hunting (bows - like it is right now) towards more advanced weapons which should look as if they were crafted by hand. Great example r the “basic” weapons such ass revolver, hand cannon, pipe shotgun and even BAR. They all look like they were crafted in a shack - which is good.
Weapons like m4, mp5, p250, 9 mil, shotgun - they look as if they were taken off a shelf from a gun store. I guess their place could be in some super duper secret military spots / very random spawns / events etc. Surely shouldn’t be craftable unless u manage to build some huge production line…

im not sure but i think garry might have said the modern guns are placeholders. Correct me if im wrong though

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what im saying is that I feel as if those slick guns just dont fit. Add maybe the ak and guns i said inside of the the airdrops maybe, just those slick new guns seem to be to out of place in my opinion
Thank you for your thoughts on the matter