"What the....!" - Sniper killed one of TF141 Member



The blood is erupting from the wrong side of his head. It should splash out from the exit wound. Not the side where the bullet enter. Editing is nice though. Have wood.

Actually from both sides.

But much more from the exit than the entry.

Also, the tracer isn’t emitting any light; it’s just an orange line.

Why should the tracer emit light? Not that it is burning, it just isn’t glowing. But I agree, the orange line doesn’t feel right.

If it’s burning it must be emitting light. It needs at least a little glow - notice how the centre is white and then only the outsides and the glow are coloured.

A sniper wouldn’t use tracer ammo anyway.

So discussion’s over then.

I love how the bullet somehow bypasses the glass without shattering it…

Nice camera angle, I think there’s a bit too much blood.

to much blood

yeah too much blood and where’d you get those models?

Those weapon models still suck, just so you know.

Needs more blood and a bigger tracer.

Because I think he got hit by one of this(I mean, damn look at all that blood):


Haha that is awesome.

I’m glad you got a laugh out of it.

I don’t think they would be staring at him, they would all drop to the floor. The bullet and blood effects are kind meh but the pose is nice.