What the-

Ok I’m very confused. I was messing around in gmod, and pressed t which is the key i had bound to kill. I happened to be holding w which launched me into the air, and somehow I was able to fly superman style. I’m guessing this was an adon, but as soon as I spawned some combine soldiers, I couldn’t fly around anymore. Any ideas?

Uhm, what the actual fuck?

Does it matter?

You mean this bug or what ever it is? I think it’s bug with that addon. I think that you have Superman - Addon.

I looked in my addons folder. Nothing that says superman. This is strange :open_mouth:

NOCLIP, wow learn to use it.

were a ragdoll? or were u still alive and could u stop in mid air? if you could, just press v

That’s pretty fucking random. Do you need a solution? This sounds pretty cool :smiley:

I think he is trying to say what he had a key bound to ‘kill’ to kill him, and he was holding ‘W’ when he pressed it and he was able to fly around as he was dead/a ragdoll.

It’s probably an addon or something.

Its very cool. I fly around as a ragdoll yes, its not noclip. I’ll post pics :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, is this on a server or single player? because it is superman mod, the reason it fails when you spawn soldiers is because “Keep Corpses” is checked. Uncheck it if you want to fly around. It’s a mod.

OK. Its single player. i have no idea how it got there though :confused: