"What the-?"


OMG Zoey’s so hot with that thing on :gizz: and i had a gf that looked alot like her.

Joking, picture’s nice overall.

Actually she was my GF for 1 week, she replace’d me for a giant black rap singer wannabe :flaccid:

i doubt she was your gf, 1 week isn’t enough time and her talking to you in school doesn’t count as dating

i mean that she started to talk about leaving me a whole week, we meet since 1st day and well she was my first friend and so on, ohhh i miss her :frowning:

Wait so the whole week you were with her she was talking about dumping you? What kind of bitch is that?

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and why did you stay with her at the first place

Someone who likes daddy yanke and justin bieber :frowning:

what a bitch, thats not cool. Don’tcha worry ya’ll find better

Heh thanks, want a pic of her?

i do!

First I thought that two last posts were a monologue or someone’s talking to himself
Damn you default avatar

What the fuck is going on in this thread

A young teen who thinks that highschool relationships are anything other than a hilariously bad joke

dis 1 time i spoke to dis gurl in physics but den she dumped me for the quaterback

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i stil luv her tho

I never had a gf

show us a picture of her so that we may photoshop mustaches onto it


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You must’ve been quite desperate at the time. Considering she not only looked like that she was also a bitch.

Edit: nah that was rude, i think the helmet looks a bit like its floating and the soldier arm is a bit weirdly bent.

I’d be pretty scared if I had to sleep with that, better put a wall in the middle in order not to be crushed.

I like how the photo is all bloomy and blurred as if to try and improve the subject matter