What they do after they steal everything on the map.

Yay for STEAM. Hope no more of this crap.

\Aww poor guy

Bey CDXX Had a bit of fun yesterday with your group raiding me. Definitely keep the entertainment levels up! I hope to run into you guys again in the future. Until Then enjoy and best of luck!

Hmmm, I wonder if the pillar trick would work here as it does for stairs or ramps,

Try and put a foundation down and put a pillar in the middle of the foundation on the side instead of the corners… and try to place another foundation over the door… Please?

He could place them anywhere he wanted regardless of what as there.

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Ive also seen foundations in the air as if a base were on them. (MCM US 1 server)

base’s in the sky hmmm wtf,

I been told by others, that this one guy built a base in the sky left one piece of the floor open and watched him fly right up and in…

the stories wonder if that was true…

sorry this happen to ya, Griefer’s will Grief cant really cant stop them…

Btw was that guy cheating b/c I seen him put the foundation on your door at your stairs(door) but then disappeared…

Cheat Engine kiddies have to get the most out of the $20 they payed for the “1337 haxx”. They’ll be crying they got raided by legit players in chat once the game gets VAC.

Oh i know, I isn’t a huge deal i know its being wiped and it will be wiped many times to come. Just thought this particular “hack” or “glitch” was removed.

Could be done because there aren’t all the required serverside checks but hope to have them soon enough.

You need to shave. And this is visual bug wich automatic gets fixed eventually.

And I hope you stop living under foundations.

Sometimes is the only way to be safe of hackers.

“The headache I’m having right now is sooooo fucking massive” LOL

Shit is hilarious…
Why spend all that time building what ever the fuck it is you’re building when you know shit like this happens?

I usually hate what glitcher’s do, but I seem to have gotten some sort of sick enjoyment out of watching him do that to you and see how upset you were.

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The reason i stream is to entertain. While i didnt get that upset over it. I am glad you got something out of the video which was the entire point.

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You need to grow a beard. It was not a visual bug, 30 seconds before in the clip i walked though all those doors.

That’s not a beard that’s a neck-beard, HUGE difference.

I actually have no Hair on my neck. My entire beard is Infact Beard.

we need neck pics to confirm there is no neck beard