What threatens my self more than the obsidian skyscrapers across the sky, is the past.


his arm contraption doesnt look very good >:C

I was pretty sure I did a decent job at making the picture fit it, but oh well

Imageshack is really slow for me today ;<

Really nice editing, it certainly looks interesting.

his arm thingy doesnt really give the impression that it would work

you don’t even know what it is :slight_smile:

That yellow flare light thing looks like shit.

the arm thingy is cool though.

The overlay on the coat seems a little overpowered but I like the rest a lot

Looks good, but a shame he can’t bent his arm anymore. :frowning:

he can - those rods move like a piston

his entire ARM is mechanical, it’s just that the coat has been designed in a way to reveal only the necessary stuffs and shit

Veeery gooood.