What time do the monthly server wipes typically occur on the day of?

Anyone with past knowledge of server wipes remember what time they were typically reset? Early morning, mid day or later at night? I hope we can finally clear this up. Thanks.

For the official servers it has typically been between noon and 2pm PST. But there never seems to be an official time.

There is no “set” or “usual” time. It’s a factor of two different things:

  1. When the update is pushed out, and
  2. When the server owner applies the update

Some servers run with autoupdate, so they’ll usually be first. Others do not; those might wipe anywhere from a few minutes after the update to a full day after the update. Most updates roll out in the afternoon or evening (Eastern US time), but they’ve also been rolled out in the mornings. There is no “final” answer here; just pay attention and keep checking.

This is why my servers become brutal fight-fests on wipe day. That morning I release a script to hand out rockets, supply signals, guns, F1s, C4, you name it, at semi-random times. Might as well go out with a bang!