What time does new Rust wipe?

As I only recently started to get into new Rust as many who write on my thread know, what time does this new Rust wipe?

I’m excited to jump in and start playing, and I’m unaware of the time updates usually get posted and then implemented, so what time will it wipe, if possible the exact time and how many hours from now? Thanks!

Approx 12 to 13 hours from this post. the time now is 6:30am GMT+1

Yes, the exact time is unknown, (updates get posted when FP hit the button), but as klondike states, it usually happens around:

8PM London time (GMT+1)
9PM European Time (CET+1)
3PM East coast time (EST+1)
12PM West coast time (PST+1)

(… give or take a week, lol)

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Just happened now. I’m currently updating.