What to do against cheaters?

Hello. I’m wondering about one thing. i Have been harrased by a cheater on official server. Frankfrut 1. Person just keep jumping on my base (just a 7th floor), looted few chests that was behind 1 wall from outside and killed me several times when i tryed to leave my base. It’s not a first time i face a cheaters. Sure, this guy was reported, took some time to find his profile and he will be banned in 2-3 days as usual that happen to a cheaters. The question is: Is there any way to fast contact someone from staff members? so they can see the crime going on and imediatly take any action about a cheaters who “rage”? another quastion: some of clans, has cheaters. I think it will be fair if the whole clan will get a punishment for playing with a cheater, since they gain resources/items by unfair way. Usualy it happens when you are going to raid someone and then single person just starting to kill whole team by oneshots in the head :slight_smile: Rust become more and more popular and we are facing more and more troubles with cheaters. Will be there any additional ways against cheaters? btw, thanks to Holmzy for destroying all the cavebases i find and reported with screenshots.

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what to do against cheaters ? put a goddamn codelock on your balcony, thats will stop him.

Yeah codelock will stop their insane autoaim kills, speedrun hacks, jumps on the roof with c4.

what to do? Stop playing on offcial servers join a good moderated Community one and you can atleast say there are no speed hacks superjumps and aimboters