What to do if minges invade an rp server you are on

If mingebags join the rp server you are on you should do the following:

  1. Try and contact the admin (Serious)
  2. Fight back (Serious)
  3. Make a minge shelter (Not serious)
  4. Build a giant robot that will automatically kill the mingebags (Not serious)
  5. Make an underground rp settlement where minges can’t get you (Only if the minging gets too bad)

Hopefully, this will be useful to you

Or leave and play something else?

Uuuugh, you again? Sierously? We KNOW DarkRP is minge land, just accept it, Christ.

He didn’t mention DarkRP at all in that post, so you appear to be seeing ghost words.

Also minges don’t invade servers you are on Gordon, as you have invaded it already :sax: Please, stop playing RP servers, you are a bane to serious RP’ers.

Im starting to hate you.

Do you even know whats worth a thread.

I was having a joke. For gods sake have some fun once in a while. I am a loyal member of a serious rp community.

I tought jokes are supposed to be funny.

Being a part of a prestigious RP community doesn’t make you prestigious here. Sorry.

DarkRP is fine. Minges just ruins it. :confused:

Take a look at his previous posts, he is a DarkRPer.

I know. He in particular is what gives the mode it’s bad name, you on the other hand appear to be a stuck up Rp’er from another script, that shit doesn’t roll here sonny.

Think whatever you want, I’m not from “anouther script”, I’m from other “communities”, I just really dislike DarkRP. This thread was pretty much pointless, and you want to start a fight over it, against me, when all I did was point out how stupid this entire idea was.

you call that fun? TROLL ALERT!!!
and who gives a monkeys arse whether your in sum “ultra cool mega lol rp community”

What the hell are you talking about. Trolls purposley ruin communities. I was being sarcastic when I said what to do if minges invade the server. I said I was a member of a great rp community to show that I am not the bane of serious rp. I can’t believe how demanding facepunch members are.

Actually, you pointed out that apparently any servers with minges is a Dark RP server. Your also trying to say that all of us Dark RP’ers are clearly retarded ,and that you Gmod RP’ers or HL2 RP’ers are better. As for your so called communities they’re probably even worse with minges for the fact your leaders are ten year old cry babies ,and are giving you donate status on your forums too spread the Gmod doom theory. All I have to say is, RP Wars are over, go back home.

Fine, enjoy denial of the fact that your average minge isn’t going to take a step out of thier little box of sandbox/DarkRP spamming. I used to enjoy DarkRP, but minges attack it every single day. In response to you getting pissy about communities, I will now link all of them:

I’m not starting a RP war, I’m just trying to say that this person was talking about DARKRP when they made this thread, they gave solutions that only work in DARKRP in this thread and would not step out of thier DARKRP box because they can’t roleplay sierously. This thread was pointless, as avoiding minges on DarkRP, or any other server is impossible. It’s just a fact that sierous roleplaying servers will do something about them.

One time i just made i just made a underground city in the sewers and trains, we RPd “minge survival”. Was fun. Were were like “we need to stockpile all canned goods or we will starve to death and the minge wins” “we need some weapons” and stuff like that, so that minge just made a new kind of RP xD.

I was talking about all kinds of rp

Get a better server = Problem solved.

No, only “call an admin” works outside of DarkRP/GmodRP. All of your other strategies will definately not work. Fighting back? Ban for you. Mega machine? Ban for you. Minge “cage”? Ban for you. Make an underground settlement to avoid minges? Bans for everyone.