what to do vs a hacker with 3 accounts?

Don’t want to whine about hackers but some guy lives near us and has had 2 vac bans on 2 days on 2 diffrent accounts … today he is back again. what can you do vs this? we reported him every time but he just keeps coming back.
if you want i can link a steam profile but i don’t know if that’s allowed. this is on Facepunch Amsterdam 1

Play on a server with admins. Any admin worthy of the title would ban his sorry as a million times if needed.

profile links are fine, seen plenty of them without bans.

lets put it this way. either he is going to be banned again for using detected cheats (at which point he pays facepunch more money, yay), or he has learnt his lesson and will start playing legitimately.

it sucks, but either way its nothing to do with you unless he walls into your house and steals your stuff. wait and see, but it’s really not a problem yet.