What to do when someone minges on your rp server

  1. Ignore them, some minges get bored quickly

  2. Give them a taste of their own medicine (Minges don’t like their own tactics used against them)

  3. Humiliate them (Put them in a cage as a display)

  4. Make an underground shelter away from them

  5. Call an admin (If you can contact one)

Or just do 5 :downs:

Or even better, just get your own server and ban the minges.

Or simply DM them back.

Number 5, obviously. :q:

Even easier, find out where they live and sodomize them with a shovel. What kind of DarkRP admin would actually help? Most of the kids who get admin would join in with the minges.

I ban or kick them.

Yea bring down the banhammer and if u cant get an admin on have multiple people go cp then arrest the minge untill he leaves the server keep tabs on his jail time and arrest him when he gets out

Once, when this minge kept prop killing, a made a slingshot and glitched him into the skybx, where he got trapped.

Great repost, I really enjoyed reading this the last time and I am incredibly happy you decided to copy and paste the exact same crap.

Hells to the yes!