What to do with a community that tells you there's a problem but won't tell you what?

Alright, so I’ve had this ongoing issue with my “Community”(I suppose you could call it) where they constantly say that there is issues with my TTT server, but I get no assistance or reference point at what the issue is.

What I am here to ask is how do you get your community to talk to you as an owner/developer and help you figure out issues that you don’t know even existed?

Also, for TTT server owners, how do you keep a playerbase from getting bored?

Code some custom addons. Round mutators. Roll the dice. “Wacky” weapons. Hell, have a go at procedural Borderlands-style weapons. Grenades only. Turn every weapon into a sniper rifle that can’t scope in. Taser. Just keep things interesting.

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Make sure you’re not playing the same maps over and over.

I use a mapvote to let players pick what maps they want to go to. It seems it’s usually their own fault when maps are overplayed. Thoughts?

if my experience in surf servers on cs tells me anything, people tend to hit the first option if they dont know what maps are what, and then they complain about that map being bad (maybe it’s different in gmod)

Remove a map from the pool for a few games once it’s been picked.

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Maybe have “seasonal” maps, where one week it’s this set, next week it’s another, etc

Not a bad idea. The map vote I use doesn’t really support a map not being in the map vote for a few maps, but I have enough maps that the map vote after the 7 rounds usually doesn’t have the same maps on it from the previous map vote.

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Someone’s salty I rated you down. There’s a difference between CS Surf and Garry’s Mod. You didn’t even ask what my map vote looks like.

It has GameTracker photos of all maps that have a match, meaning each map gets a different photo and a player can visually see MOST of the maps before playing on them.

that really doesn’t affect it, maybe because you are so stuck to what you believe that’s why people say there are issues? its common among communities from what i see

Be firm and say ‘well, if you aren’t going to tell me, it’s not going to get fixed. I cannot sort something if I don’t know what the problem is’

This I have tried, heck, I’ve tried just about everything. The biggest issue is, once you start a community, there is no way to abandon it. If you leave it and try to start another one, people always follow you. I honestly don’t like how my community has morphed itself but I am not sure what to do to fix it.

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My server, to be honest, is unlike 90%+ of most servers. I let more people equally share power, allow my superadmins, rather than myself, pick staff members, I allow players to input where they feel input is needed. I try to be open and not super controlling and doing every little job on my own.

But it seems this system has stopped working. Thoughts?

From what I’ve learned you gotta slap your community around every once in a while and show them who is boss, drop the ban hammer every now and then. Let them know you can be serious and go full dictator for like 4 hours or till you get your info.

(Says the one who shut down his server liken 10 times in the past)

Dont be a pushover

Bounty-hunter reward systems seem to have worked for me servers. Usually, when players find an exploit / bug, they don’t have the incentive needed to report it. Well, give them one. Offer rewards for reporting issues and such.

I actually like this idea.